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Genie Nano

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced its Genie Nano series of GigE Vision cameras that combine CMOS image sensors, including the Sony Pregius and On Semiconductor’s Python, with a fully optimised camera platform to deliver high frame rates and powerful features in a small, robust body.

The first four models in the Genie Nano series, the M1920, C1920, M1940 and C1940, are built around the Sony Pregius 2 megapixel IMX249 and IMX174 CMOS image sensors respectively. Available in monochrome and colour with additional resolutions to follow, Genie Nano cameras are designed for industrial imaging applications and include the company’s patent-pending TurboDrive technology.

These latest Genies are capable of data transfer at two or three times the standard GigE Vision rates. The series also takes full advantage of the Sapera LT software development kit (SDK) and trigger-to-image-reliability framework for full system-level monitoring, control, and diagnostics from image capture through transfer to host memory.

Genie Nano cameras are suitable for a wide range of inspection applications including intelligent traffic systems (ITS), entertainment, medical, food and drink inspection, and electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, among many others.

The cameras are also available from Teledyne Dalsa's distributor, Stemmer Imaging. 


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