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Leutron Vision's PicSight cameras with their USB 2.0 interface are suited to the lower- to middle-performance demands of the industrial image processing market. The cameras offer the special features that are needed for fast acquisition and processing in the industrial environment.

A standard USB cable with a mini-USB plug can be used for the connection. For applications in which cables must be securely attached, the PicSight offers an additional Hirose connection for the USB interface, which also carries access to two digital opto-coupled input/outputs and a TTL trigger input.

Every PicSight USB camera has an on-board memory of 16Mb for excellent image data transfer. The industrial housing with a cross-section of 44 x 31mm and a length of 49mm is available with a C-mounting or CS-mounting for the lens.

One thing that is particularly advantageous about the PicSight camera’s modular construction concept is the possibility for OEM users to choose from among 30 different types of sensor the one that is optimally suited for their requirements. Users can choose between 1/4-inch and 1/1.8 inch sensor chips whether to have CCD (monochrome, colour or infrared) with resolutions from VGA to 1,628 x 1,236 (UXGA) pixels, or CMOS technology with resolutions of up to more than 5 Megapixels. The PicSight camera model with the CMOS sensor can manage frame rates of 200fps at a resolution of 659 x 494 pixels.


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