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PicSight Camera Series

Every OEM user can select exactly what he needs from the extensive range of Leutron Vision’s PicSight digital camera series. The completely new camera concept developed by the Swiss company provides the user with a high degree of flexibility and economic efficiency. The modular nature of the PicSight series enables cameras to be tailored to suit the user’s individual requirements and to be supplied at very short notice. A variety of sensors, interfaces and processor modules can all be combined with each other to generate a range of 300 different types of camera. This means that the application engineer has a selection of 28 different types of sensors available to him, whether CCD monochrome or colour, ranging from VGA resolution up to 1628 x 1236 (UXGA) pixels, or CMOS with resolutions of more than 5 million pixels. And digital interfaces such as Gigabit-Ethernet, Camera Link and USB 2.0 are all available for data transfer.

PicSight includes on-board image storage as well as pre-processing capabilities such as Bayer decoding for colour models. Digital input and output enable external trigger and stroboscopic operation. In this highly diverse offer, the OEM user can also find smart-camera versions of PicSight with high performance RISC-processors. This enables PicSight to be operated entirely autonomously, as an intelligent camera quite independent of a PC, at the best cost efficiency. The industrial housing with a cross-section of 44 x 31mm and a length of 29 or 86 mm is optionally available with a right-angled lens mount.


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