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Perception Camera

Matrix Vision has introduced a new kind of 3D camera with a new approach to determine objects in space. This perception camera is inspired by human vision, i.e., the eye in cooperation with the brain does not see a cloud of points. The brain interprets the scenery using the learned experiences. E.g. in a room we determine a chair, a table, etc. and we know what we can do with them. A human determines contrasts like edges and structures, and also the distances. A further indicator to determine objects is movement. And that's the task of the perception camera, the camera determines position, location, and movement of objects in space.

The object, you want to detect, is described by the principal properties. The perception camera shows all objects with these properties in video real-time. It does not matter, if the objects are moving or not. The detection area starts from several centimetres. A further advantage of the camera is the self-healing feature: even if the camera gets a blow, the camera will calibrate itself.

Logistics and Automotive users will benefit from this reliable and fast system.


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