MvBlueFox3-5M camera series

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The board-level mvBlueFOX3-5M camera series is the latest component in the Embedded Vision modular kit from MATRIX VISION. It meets the requirements for many projects for modular solutions for individual adaptation to a wide variety of installation situations and computer connections. In contrast to the recently introduced mvBlueFOX3-3M single-board camera with a 6.4 MPixel rolling shutter sensor, the mvBlueFOX3-5M has a modular board design. While the sensor board can be equipped with a wide variety of suitable Sony Pregius Global Shutter and Starvis sensors from 0.4 to 12.4 MPixels, the connector board with the BFembedded interface creates access to the Embedded Vision modular kit.

This camera range has an integrated 256 Mbyte image memory for lossless image transmission. The large FPGA offers many smart features for image processing, and the 4/4 digital inputs and outputs give users free rein in process integration. There is also flexibility regarding further combination options: you can select from a range of different filters, lens holders and lenses. The camera is compatible with the GenICam™ and USB3 Vision® standards. Drivers are available for Windows and Linux. Moreover, the camera supports all third-party image processing libraries that are compatible with USB3 Vision®.

The Embedded Vision modular kit with the BFembedded interface enables combination with various USB3 connector boards, which can additionally be separated from the camera thanks to flexible cable extensions. Customer-specific connector boards can be developed as needed—and the design possibilities are truly unlimited. For example, the options include connector boards to GPU boards, other plugs or plug orientations, etc.

The panel discussion at Embedded World in June. Credit: VDMA and Framos

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