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PCIe8 DV C-Link

EDT, based in Beaverton, OR, US, has added the PCIe8 DV C-Link to its line of high-speed frame grabbers for PCI, PCIe, cPCI and PMC form factors. The frame grabber board is a Camera Link interface that provides high-resolution image capture for digital video. It has two MDR 26-pin connectors and supports base through full mode cameras, with peak data rates of up to 1.2Gb/s at 20-85MHz.

This versatile frame grabber is suited to numerous applications, including aerial mapping, inspection, nuclear imaging, astronomy, and image archiving, among others. Supported operating systems include Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac, and (upon request) VxWorks. The board fits in any 8- or 16-lane PCI Express bus. Images are captured and displayed in real time, and camera speed, resolution, and number of buffers are limited only by host bandwidth and memory.

Provided with the board are drivers for supported operating systems and a software development kit that includes C language libraries, examples, utilities, image capture and display GUI, camera configuration files, and Camera Link standard DLL for camera control.

EDT products are distributed in central Europe by Sky Blue Microsystems based in Munich, Germany.


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