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Karbon-CL frame grabbers

BitFlow has released its Karbon-CL frame grabbers that perform real-time Bayer colour conversion for Basler's Sprint colour line scan cameras. The Karbon-CL frame grabber performs the Bayer conversion in hardware, eliminating the need for using the CPU to perform conversions post acquisition.

BitFlow frame grabbers are fast and have a high camera to frame grabber density. The Karbon-CL4 is capable of capturing from two 8k colour Sprint cameras at full 80Mhz pixel clock, and processing the data from both cameras at the same time. No CPU cycles are needed for colour conversion. The Karbon-CL4 supports all of the monochrome Basler Sprint cameras as well.

Together with the Basler Sprint cameras, the frame grabbers are perfect for use in applications such as web inspection (wood, paper, foil, etc.), surface inspection (printed circuit boards, flat panels and displays, semiconductors), document scanning, and food inspection.

For users wishing to develop their own industrial applications, BitFlow has an advanced SDK that makes it easy to control every aspect of real time image capture. BitFlow also provides Cognex VisionPro, MVTec Halcon, and other third party software drivers to customers at no cost.


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