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P-Iris controlled machine vision lens

Kowa has introduced its first P-Iris controlled machine vision lens. The model LM16JCMM-IR is designed for 2/3-inch 5 Megapixel sensors. The P-Iris is controlled by a stepper motor for precise iris setting. Additional key feature of the new lens is the IR-corrected design which delivers high contrast and crisp pictures for wavelengths between 400-870nm without focus shift.

Additionally, Kowa is now offering a new 2/3-inch C-mount lens series for 5 Megapixel sensors with pixel size of 3.5μm. The JC5M2 series with four different models and focal length between 12mm to 35m uses special XD glass with extra low dispersion characteristics and aspherical lens elements. The advanced optical designs and precision mechanics result in a high resolution and contrast image from MOD to infinity.


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