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Lightgistics series of vision lighting

Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, introduces the Lightgistics series, which aims to improve logistics and track-and-trace through machine vision lighting that offers greater than 10x brighter light pulses than its standard continuous mode.

Highly reflective plastic wraps and shipping bags that present challenges in logistics applications such as barcode reading and optical character recognition (OCR), where speed and accuracy are key to success. Polarizers can overcome glare, but they reduce light output and therefore decrease clarity. The new Lightgistics series lights featuring Dual OverDrive — which combines SVL’s Deca OverDrive and standard OverDrive engines — are specifically designed to overcome this common challenge, allowing end users to attach polarizers while retaining exceptional light output that can handle any speed.

“With Dual OverDrive, each light has two OverDrive engines, the first of which is Deca OverDrive, followed by Standard OverDrive,” says Steve Kinney, Director of Training, Compliance, and Technical Solutions at SVL. “When triggered, Deca OverDrive mode delivers a light pulse that is double standard OverDrive levels, resulting in a pulse up to 1 ms in duration that is more than 10 times brighter than most lights in standard continuous mode.”

Available in ring and linear formats, the new lights offer direct connection and control through a camera’s trigger output. The ring lights can be mounted directly to most common machine vision camera housings through optional mounting plates, while the linear lights come in 300 or 600 mm lengths and can be used to create tunnel systems capable of illuminating a package of any size. The result is perfect readability, no matter the shape or material.

The JWL150-DO, JWL225-DO, RHI200-DO, and LHI200-DO Lightgistics lights also feature a new integrated cable that connects to the camera, light, and controller and reaches up to 15 m, while universal mounts mean the lights work with almost any camera on the market. The combination of the integrated control cable and the universal mount provides a compact, one unit solution for plug-and-play functionality.

Although the Lightgistics series targets logistics applications, the new lights can be reliably deployed into any high-speed inspection application involving fast-moving objects and quick repetition times.


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