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Opal 2.0 3D laser scanners

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Neptec Technologies, a spin-out of Neptec Design Group, a space flight technology company, has launched a range of obscurant-penetrating 3D laser scanners (Opal 2.0) for harsh environments. The company has also released a software development tool kit (3DRi) with real-time features such as automatic change detection and object recognition and tracking.

Opal 2.0 laser scanners are specifically designed for real-time 3D applications in harsh environments. They incorporate Neptec’s obscurant-penetrating lidar technology – originally developed for helicopters landing in brownout conditions in the desert – and have been packaged for the punishing conditions typical of off-road vehicles and mapping sensors used in the mining, oil and gas, and construction industries.

Neptec Design Group develops real-time 3D sensor, software and robotics technologies for the Space market. Over the course of many projects for NASA and other clients in the Space sector, Neptec has developed a collection of 3D data algorithms and real-time software for automatic change detection, 3D data alignment and object recognition and tracking. The technology has been incorporated into the 3DRi (3D Real-time intelligence) SDK to make it easier to develop and integrate intelligent 3D machine vision solutions.