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Monolithic stack pulsed laser diodes

OSI Laser Diode has introduced a product family of high-power monolithic stack pulsed laser diodes for military, industrial, automotive, and machine vision applications.  

Single and stacked pulsed laser diodes are available up to 375W and fiber-coupled devices are available up to 188W. Custom packaging is also available on request.

The devices feature stable output from -40oC to +85oC for operation in extreme environments. The rise time is one nanosecond, the laser beam spread is 9 x 25o, and the duty cycle is 0.1 per cent.

The pulsed laser diodes operate at a typical peak wavelength of 905nm (minimum at 895nm and maximum at 915nm) with a spectral width of 8nm. The new family of devices is specified with drive conditions at 100ns, 30 amps, 1 kHz at 25oC. Peak power at 25oC ranges from 60 to 300W, depending on the specific device required.


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