OneView for Linux

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Following VREO’s successful launch of the UNITY board, a USB3.0 interface solution for the SONY MA13x camera series, VREO continues to develop USB3.0 solutions for OEMs.  Its popular OneView, UVC viewer application is now available for LINUX.  OneView has been transferred to LINUX allowing the end user to adjust video streaming parameters and image controls.

Functions unique to the FCB-MA13x cameras are also provided via extension controls and direct read and write access to the camera registers.  Developed and supported for Ubuntu, OneView for LINUX uses the V4L2 (Video for Linux 2) driver.  The latest versions of OneView for Windows and Linux are available NOW – please email me if you would like to trial the BETA version.  A LINUX solution is important for certain OEM customers, allowing them to produce a solution without buying an operating system.    

VREO are unique in the market, being the only solution that has been fully developed in-house without copying a reference design or licensing software from 3rdparties.  VREO have total technical ownership over the solution, providing not only the hardware, firmware and software but unparalleled end to end support.  VREO have produced an easy to use API (application program interface) and SDK (software development kit) with full source code.