USB3.0 interface for Sony's FCB MA130 camera

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VREO Innovation, a UK-based technology company has designed a USB3.0 interface for SONY’s FCB MA130 camera module. The VREO Unity board USB3.0 is very competitively priced and comes with OneView, a free unlimited access viewer.

OneView is designed to fully support all the available features of the FCB--]MA130 including autofocus, image stabilisation, face detection, exposure modes, EV correction, white balance, colour correction, vertical/horizontal flip, ATR dynamic range controls. In addition OneView has the key ability to manage video recording functions. An API is in development and will be freely available to all online product registrants. The USB3.0 interface board itself supports the streaming of 1080p video at 30 frames per second and still image capture of up to 13 mega pixels.