Liberty board

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Following the great success of VREO’s first product to the market (UNITY); a light weight and compact board designed to complement SONY’s FCB-MA130 camera range, the award winning business is now ready to showcase it’s latest prototype for their second product, this will be showcased at ISCWest in Las Vegas next week. The LIBERTY board provides a USB.30 interface for Sony's block camera modules and has plans to go into production within the next eight weeks.


In addition to VREO’s second product being launched the company have also announced NEW firmware for UNITY (it’s initial product to market) with new features such as added frame rate, and using focus control as a standard UVC control, all new features are listed here:

  • Frame Rate Control implemented, allowing you to use longer exposure times or reduce USB3.0 bus loading if high frame rates are not required. Particularly useful if using multiple cameras. Frame rate control has been implemented as a standard UVC function.
  • Still Image Capture, full resolution image capture reduced to 1 sec.
  • .NET Version of SDK, COM wrappers for the SDK are now available which will enable you to programme in the .net environment in languages such as C#, F# and Visual Basic.
  • Focus Control Slider implemented as a standard UVC control.
  • OneView for LINUX was recently launched, this is now generating lots of interest.
  • Continuous Autofocus – if you are interested in continuous autofocus for your application please contact us for more information.
  • STROBE FLASH – did you know the UNITY board can be configured to output a STROBE flash signal on the debug connector? The STROBE signal is in sync with the exposure (for still images only).
  • Coming Soon! Still Image Hardware Trigger to enable a push button to be used to capture a high resolution still image.

To date, VREO have now sold UNITY in over fifteen countries around the world, with interest from markets/applications as far reaching as industrial endoscopy, dental & medical equipment, drones (agricultural, military and broadcast), ATMs, surveillance, security, robotics, retail analysis etc.