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Oculus and Aeron

Acal BFi, European leader in advanced technology solutions, are working with Silent Sentinel, the UK manufacturer of high specification surveillance systems, to bring the highly successful Oculus rugged dome and the new, larger, Aeron rugged dome to the European Market. 

With more than 20,000 units in operation throughout the world, the Oculus rugged dome has set the standard for the last 10 years and now has a larger big brother which brings even more capability to the already extensive Silent Sentinel product range. The Oculus is a professional vandal-resistant, high speed continuous rotation PTZ. The housing is cast in aluminium and then anodised and powder coated to allow the unit to be installed in the harshest, most challenging of environments.  With video, low-light, infra-red and white light illumination or with combined thermal imaging and video options, the Oculus already meets many user needs.

The addition of the Aeron into the product range means longer range video and thermal imaging can be deployed with the same user interface and manufacturing standards as the Oculus. The Aeron is able to extend the range of infra-red from 100m with the Oculus to 200m and increase thermal imaging man detection from 1.7km with the Oculus to 3.5km.  These longer operating ranges are achieved through the larger housing of the Aeron enabling more advanced video modules and thermal imaging cores to be housed.

The Aeron also has the latest thermal imaging modules with a 35-105mm optical zoom option, a first in the market for a rugged dome.  There is also a radiometric thermal imaging version of Aeron which, with configurable precision temperature measurement within the field of view, is being used for early warning of the risk of fire outbreaks. The Aeron, much like Oculus, has the option to carry both a thermal imaging core and a video module side by side which makes this a highly flexible surveillance solution.

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director - Imaging & Security Business Unit at Acal BFi, said: “We are delighted to introduce Silent Sentinel’s Oculus and cutting-edge Aeron to the European market. The addition of this high specification range complements Acal BFi’s current thermal imaging portfolio and enhances our ability to provide our customers with the latest, high quality and reliable imaging products on the market”.


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