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PL-V721-RDK cameras

PixeLink has released the PL-V721-RDK colour and monochrome industrial cameras. The model provides a 1.3 Megapixel (1,280 x 1,024) resolution imager capable of 30.5fps at full resolution. The PL-V721 series is based on the ONSemi Vita 1300 CMOS global shutter sensor with a ½-inch optical format. The sensor provides outstanding image quality and high performance with a dynamic range of 53dB in 10-bit mode. The external hardware trigger and two general purpose outputs ensure users have the flexibility to synchronise the camera(s).

These designs are ideally suited for users looking to modify a flexible RDK camera design for the requirements of their custom camera application.

PixeLink’s SDK uses a common API for all cameras, regardless of the chosen interface. Software code developed for one camera is easily transferred to other PixeLink models without the need to recompile, meaning overall system costs are reduced, and camera integration is simplified.

PL-V721-RDK cameras are particularly well suited for applications with high contrast, such as inspection of shiny surfaces, including: biometrics, high-performance security and surveillance, parts inspection, metrology, welding inspection, and PCB inspection and flat panel display inspection.


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