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Northwire Camera Link cable line

Northwire has launched a line of cable for Camera Link applications. In testing for flexion, Northwire’s standard Camera Link cable passes 17 million cycles.

The Northwire Camera Link cable line includes standard cable and Power Over Camera Link (PoCL) - Camera Link cable with power transmission capabilities. PoCL is available for Standard Camera Link or Mini Camera Link (MiniCL) assemblies. MiniCL uses a smaller connector than traditional Camera Link, but incorporates the same hardware and software protocols.

Northwire’s standard and PoCL Camera Link cables feature 28 AWG conductors and meet the requirements of Appendix D and Appendix E of the Camera Link specification.

Northwire Camera Link cable uses Northwire EnduroFLEX blended elastomer jacketing material for rugged industrial and outdoor environments. The cable is suitable for applications that require abrasion resistance, flame resistance, high- and low-temperature stability (a high temperature rating of 105°C and brittle point of -50°C), sunlight/UV resistance and water resistance.


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