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Northwire has introduced the Endurance, a cable assembly product line including cable assemblies for vision system applications. Endurance cable assemblies are engineered with top-quality connectors and Northwire's advanced, industrial-grade cables. These rugged assemblies provide ultra-reliable interconnectivity in motion and vision system applications. Endurance products for vision system applications include CCXC Analogue Video, MVC-800 FireWire, GEV-1000 GigE Vision, and Camera Link cable assemblies.

Endurance CCXC Analogue Video cable assemblies meet industry standards for analogue CCD (charge-couple device) cameras and are RoHS-compliant. The cable has surpassed 15 million flex cycles of testing.

Endurance MVC-800 FireWire cable assemblies are available in standard length of 4.5m/14.8ft and extended distance/extended life (type MVC-800EL) as long as 7m/23ft. MVC-800EL has surpassed 11 million flex cycles of rigorous bending, rolling and torsional tests.

Endurance GEV-1000 GigE Vision cable assemblies are designed to meet GigE Vision requirements with high flexibility for industrial applications. The cable exceeds 12 million flex cycles, including Northwire's standardised tick-tock test. Assemblies are available with traditional latching, horizontal and vertical screw locking configurations. All designs permit easy viewing of LEDs on the camera connector.

Northwire has produced a high-flex-life Camera Link cable and offers the only Camera Link cable to surpass 19 million flex cycles of testing.

Endurance Camera Link cable assemblies are designed for industrial-grade applications with camera and frame grabbers. EnduroFLEX TPE jacketing material makes this cable suitable for rugged industrial and outdoor environments.

Camera Link cable assemblies are available in standard and PoCL - a Camera Link cable with power transmission capabilities. PoCL is available for Camera Link and Mini Camera Link (MiniCL) assemblies. MiniCL uses a smaller connector than traditional Camera Link but incorporates the same hardware and software protocols.

Endurance standard and PoCL Camera Link cables feature 28 AWG conductors and meet the requirements of appendix D and appendix E of the Camera Link specification. Assemblies using 30AWG and 32AWG conductors also are available. Endurance right-angle Camera Link assemblies have a very low profile.

All premium-grade cable used in Endurance assemblies is constructed with an industrial-strength outer jacket, which is highly resistant to oil, abrasion, welding flash and water, and is suitable for outdoor use. Temperature ratings are +80°C. The cables have dual-shielded construction with 100 per cent foil and tinned copper braid shield for factory environments. The cables are UL-recognised, CSA-approved, FT-1 flame rated and RoHS-compliant.


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