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MVC-800 FireWire cable

Northwire's high-flex-life MVC-800 FireWire cable for industrial environments is offered in two versions: standard length, 4.5m (14.8ft) or extended distance, up to 7m (23ft). These rough service industrial-strength AWM-style cables are UL-recognised, CSA-approved and RoHS compliant. For optimal shielding, there is a 100 per cent coverage foil/polyester tape shield with two drain wires and an overall tinned copper braid. The outer jacket is flexible oil-resistant TPE and the cable is flame rated to FT-1. MVC-800 FireWire cable is IEEE 1394b-rated.

The cabling has surpassed 11 million flex cycles in rigorous bending, rolling and torsional tests. Northwire's standardised flex-life tests include rolling and torsional flex as well as bending flex. The rolling and torsional flex testing method involves twisting cable attached to a weight, 360° at approximately 30 cycles per minute. The bending flex (or tick-tock) test involves cable with a weight attached, being flexed 90° over a fixed nylon block. Each bending cycle is completed every two seconds.


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