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mvBlueLynx-X with Halcon Embedded software

MVTec Software's Halcon Embedded software has now been installed onboard the smart camera mvBlueLynx-X from Matrix Vision.

Halcon is a comprehensive standard software with an integrated development environment (IDE) for machine vision. Its flexible software architecture enables fast application development for machine vision and medical image processing.

For optimal integration in the mvBlueLynx-X, MVTec has now ported the entire software library of Halcon 10. As a special feature of the mvBlueLynx-X Halcon Embedded port, MVTec also provides the Halcon/.NET language interface under Linux (via 'Mono').

Applications can be developed on the smart camera as well as on a standard PC. In both cases, the complete functionality of Halcon's machine vision software library is available.


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