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Matrix Vision has introduced the newest member of its Gigabit Ethernet camera series: mvBlueCougar-X. The camera is supplied with a compact and high quality housing fit for industrial use and featuring lockable connectors. The camera series is suitable for various applications with its wide range of highly sensitive CCD/CMOS colour and greyscale sensors. C-mount, CS-mount as well as S-mount lenses are supported.

The camera series has a 14-bit analogue-to-digital converter for high dynamic range, and a high signal-to-noise ratio. With its 64MB camera memory, it is possible to acquire images and image sequences and to uncouple transfer from acquisition. The camera offers hardware-based pre-processing for small processing times and, furthermore, fast resend mechanisms and settable bandwidth limits, which are perfect for multiple camera operation. Further innovative features, among others, are flat field correction, auto gain/shutter, direct driver outputs, and freely programmable LUTs as well as YUV and RGB colour formats.

Like all Matrix Vision GigE cameras, the mvBlueCougar-X is compliant to GenICam and GigE Vision.


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