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MvBlueGemini-Ident and MvBlueGemini-Inspect

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Not everyone needs the full range of software functions available in the twin concept combining the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera and the "mvIMPACT Configuration Studio" (mvIMPACT-CS for short). For these customers, MATRIX VISION is releasing two low-cost variants of the mvBlueGEMINI for specific applications. 

The first variant, "mvBlueGEMINI-Ident" is designed for reading texts and codes. While the text reader supports various fonts from the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, the code reader automatically detects whether the code presented is a barcode, a 2D code or a QR code and decodes this without any further action required. With both readers, the text and/or code can be checked using regular expressions or, in the case of the text reader, with the help of dictionaries.

"mvBlueGEMINI-Inspect" is the second variant and is used for inspecting objects. The inspect variant focuses on three tools. "Find object" finds an object in a picture, irrespective of the position, and aligns the image accordingly. This means that subsequent processes such as "Check object" and "Measure object" can be carried out more quickly. The former checks whether the current object is free from defects with the help of learned good and bad parts, while the latter can be used to measure objects in the image and, where necessary, to check whether they lie within a permitted tolerance range. 

The innovative twin concept combines powerful hardware with user-intuitive software. It enables both users without any programming expertise and developers without any knowledge of image processing to perform visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently, thus guaranteeing uncomplicated, rapid access to industrial image processing.