mvBlueGEMINI release 1.2

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The mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, or mvIMPACT-CS for short, enables you to get started in industrial image processing thanks to its intuitive and simple operation concept. Used in conjunction with the mvBlueGEMINI smart camera, users without programming expertise and developers without image-processing knowledge can implement complete inspection tasks visually, quickly and cost-efficiently. Version 1.2 of the mvIMPACT-CS is also being brought out along with mvBlueGEMINI release 1.2, and it will offer a series of new features.

Inspection programs can be imported and exported. This will enable backups to be created and inspection programs to be exchanged between cameras. The "Find object" tool has been updated and will enhance model differentiation. This will enable the center of mass and the absolute coordinates of a model, as well as the relative translation to be determined, and distinctions to be made between different object types. The "Read code" tool has also been improved and can now identify and read multiple codes in an image. Two further tools will be introduced in release 1.2, i.e. "Receive data" and "Get inputs". The "Receive data" tool enables data to be sent via PLC or via a control PC; the inspection programme can react to this data. For example, permissible data from the database can be compared with data captured by the inspection programme. The "Get inputs" function enables an inspection program to respond to changes in the status of the digital inputs.

Release 1.2 also boasts new features for the mvBlueGEMINI. For example, the mvBlueGEMINI can now be controlled remotely via PLC, thus enabling it to be integrated into production environments. After the activation of a restart and transmission of trigger signals, the release enables an inspection to be started and stopped via PLC.

MATRIX VISION is also offering an mvBlueGEMINI and mvIMPACT-CS starter kit at a one-off special price. In addition to the camera, the starter kit also contains a lens, light, cable, mains adapter and I/O box, supplied in a robust case. No need to go looking for accessories; high-performance smart camera with intuitive software inspection creation - it would be impossible to create a complete inspection solution any quicker.