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Rc_visard 3D camera for robot vision

Low system costs, quick implementation, and a high degree of flexibility in use; this is what the rc_visard product family of smart 3D cameras promises, with which MATRIX VISION expands its product portfolio through the cooperative venture with Roboception.

MATRIX VISION and Roboception enter into a long-term partnership in order to provide user-friendly products for the 3D machine vision market and in particular for robot users based on their machine vision and 3D expertise. The first product family from the partnership focuses on the tried-and-tested technology of Roboception.

With the rc_visard and the compatible software suite rc_reason, MATRIX VISION offers its customers an award-winning component for 3D machine vision. The 3D camera family was developed for stationary and mobile robot applications such as bin picking or the navigation of driverless transport systems and promises very simple operation.

By means of an on-board processor the rc_visard can process the camera data directly and forward relevant information, e.g. grasp points, directly to the robot application, without the need for an external computer. This reduces system costs as well as the failure risk of the application.

The on-board software package allows very simple use of the rc_visard as a 3D stereo sensor, e.g., for efficient and reliable object detection, indoor navigation, or grasp planning. For specific tasks the optional software suite rc_reason offers intelligent tools with which pick-and-drop applications can be realized without training individual objects. For accurate pick-and-place applications grasp points can also be determined based on CAD data.

A user-friendly web-based interface enables easy operation and configuration without the need for special training.

The integrated GigE Vision interface, which allows a connection to a PC, offers additional flexibility. This means that camera data can be further processed and independent 3D applications can be created.

The rc_visard family comes with two different base distances (65 mm, 160 mm), which are available with color or monochrome image recording. The smart 3D cameras are available with two different focal lengths depending on the working range and measure up to 1.2 million 3D data points. Depending on the resolution, point clouds can be generated at a frequency of up to 25 Hz. Various robot interfaces are already integrated for communication between robot and camera.


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