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MV8 camera series

Photonfocus' next generation, the MV8 series, is designed for fast and large challenges in a small 80 millimeter front side package. The term large sensors is not exaggerated in this context: Our 8K sensor is twice the size of a standard APS-C sensor (24 x 36 mm² vs 16 x 24 mm²). The advantages of this full format sensor are obvious: Unbeatable low image noise, more detail and brilliance as well as greater signal to noise ratio - the first model in the MV8 series features a gigantic resolution of 51MP.

  • Full format sensor for more detailed and precise imaging
  • Sharpest images for even the smallest details with a gigantic 51 Megapixel resolution, thanks to 8424 x 6032 pixels and global shutter technology
  • 8K Cinema Class at 24 frames per second for smooth live video
  • Industry-compatible M58 standard lens mount
  • Perfect image quality and very high dynamic range thanks to large and square 4.6 x 4.6 µm² pixels
  • Extremely fast image data transmission thanks to the innovative 10 GigE interface

The MV8’s compact size fits seamlessly into the photonHiRES embedded vision platform in the modular and configurable camera family from Photonfocus.

This camera is ideal for applications in industrial image processing, broadcast video, film scanning and the railway industry as well as standard machine vision.


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