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DR1-D2048 camera series

Photonfocus has introduced its new DR1-D2048 camera series, widening its portfolio of high speed cameras. The new camera features a reolution of 4 MPixel and an internal data compression of 2:1. Three different sensor types (black&white, color and NIR) are available for this new camera series. High frame rates are achieved by compressing the image data in the FPGA of the camera. By compressing the image data this camera can deliver 45 full frames per second at a resolution von 2048x2048 pixel using a standard GigE interface. Decompression of the image data is done by the CPU of the host system in real time.

All our cameras of our DoubleRate and QuadRate series implement a GigE interface for host communication. Using GigE enables you to implement multi camera setups very easily. Our implementation of the GigE interface is 100% GigEVision and GenICam compatible. Therefore, integration of our cameras into existing systems using GigE for communication is very easy.


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