MV0 series

Photonfocus has extended the MV0 series with 2 and 5 MPix SONY CMOS image sensors. The Pregius sensor series with Global Shutter is characterized by a high sensitivity and a low readout noise. The 2 MPix sensor IMX174 has a Full-Well capacity of 32 ke-, that corresponds to a signal to noise ratio of SNR 178:1. The 2 MPix camera MV0-D1920-S01 and the 5 MPix camera MV0-D2448-S01 are equipped with a PoE GigE Interface. In addition, an optoisolated in- and output are available.

Thanks to their powerful FPGAs the cameras can be adjusted to customer requirements or equipped with additional IP-Cores for image pre-processing. With the DR0-D1920-S01, Photonfocus will soon introduce the dual rate technology for a higher frame rate in the MV0 series.

Image sensors with polarization filters

SONY manufactures the 5 MPix image sensor IMX250 with polarization filters. The filters for 0°, 45°, 90° and 135° angle are arranged in a 2 x 2 pattern and are implemented between the micro lenses and the photodiodes of the CMOS image sensor. Polarization cameras can be beneficially applied for surface inspection. Photonfocus will provide this technology to its customers with the model MV0-D2448P-S01.


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