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MV0 camera platform

Photonfocus introduces the new compact camera platform MV0 with the 5 MPix camera MV0-D2592-O01. This camera has a PoE GigE Vision interface. The software defined camera platform is based on the newest FPGA technologies and the application knowhow gathered from Photonfocus in 15 years’ company history. The MV0 camera platform has a form factor of 30mm x 30mm. The platform is designed as building set consisting of sensor, processing and interface PCBs.

In addition, Photonfocus presents a new member of the 3D camera portfolio for laser triangulation applications. The new camera MV1-D1280-L01-3D05 enables scan rates up to 40 kHz. The camera is based on a 2/3’’ high speed CMOS image sensor. As data interface GigE Vision is used. The camera includes a complete shaft encoder interface with RS422 or HTL signal levels.


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