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Multi-core Video Analytics Engine Evaluation Kit

Eutecus has released the latest version of its Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE) Evaluation Kit, supporting HD and composite TV (NTSC or PAL) input for both live and pre-recorded video. The system comes bundled with an assortment of different pre-configured videos allowing users to test MVE's video analytic capability in various indoor and outdoor scenarios, at different resolutions.

MVE embeds an entire high-performance video analytics event detection application on a single low-cost FPGA, the Spartan 3A DSP from Xilinx.

Eutecus created MVE for OEMs (security camera, DVR and other device manufacturers) who wish to implement a ready-made video content analysis solution into their product lines at a lower price point and higher performance than existing offerings on the market. MVE provides numerous advantages over DSP and PC-based solutions, including multiple event detectors running in parallel, full analytic processing of HD video streams at video frame rate, as well as greater reliability and stability. MVE can also be used in conjunction with Eutecus' other advanced image processing solutions, such as object classification.


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