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MotionBlitz LTR2 portable

Mikrotron has released the MotionBlitz LTR2 portable providing a high-speed video system for long-term recording. Applications include the observation of the behaviour of turbulence in fluids and gases, of fine dust in vacuum, observations in medical diagnostics, and motion studies in sports.

MotionBlitz LTR2 portable permits the storage of data directly to the hard drive, eliminating inconvenient download waiting time. The system has a recording capacity of up to 55 minutes.

The system includes a PC with Windows 7 version 64-bit operating system, fast hard drive storage, MotionBlitz Director2 operating software, as well as a Full Camera Link frame grabber camera interface. The compact (63 x 63 x 47mm) EoSens camera, provided with the system, can handle video recordings of up to 55 minutes at a full image resolution of 1,696 (H) x 1,710 (V) pixels and 120fps.

The integrated RoI function (Region of Interest) – with variable layout of the image field in terms of position, resolution, and speed – offers recording frequencies of up to 35,000fps. The optionally engaged non-linear dynamic adaptation can extract very precise image details even under extreme lighting conditions. The Camera Link interface saves images from the camera in real time to the ring memory hard drive system of the PC.

The intuitive user interface of the MotionBlitz Director2 software provides a number of convenient functions, such as the display of external data in each individual image. The intelligent ImageBlitz trigger system offers sensor functions in the live image. The LTR2 portable is delivered as a ready-to-run complete system with one of the compact high-speed CMOS digital cameras of the EoSens series.


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