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ThermoSecure L food packaging inspection machine

At the ANUGA FOODTEC trade fair, Luceo will announce the release of a brand new version of ThermoSecure L. ThermoSecure L is the food packaging inspection machine that detects and rejects all packaging with poor quality seals, labelling, or marking errors.

Luceo once again has expanded its range of optical package inspection machines with a dual lane version. After check-weighing and metal detection functions, packages can now arrive for inspection on two lanes.

While our single and dual lane ThermoSecure machines do not require mechanical indexing to center packages before capturing the image, this dual lane version of ThermoSecure can inspect packages asynchronously and at random intervals.

The dual lane concept is also applied to rejection. As only the defective tray is rejected, the manufacturer is certain to remove only those products that fail the quality criteria. Such criteria is configured by the manufacturer to set acceptable tolerances for error: minimum size of contaminant in seal area and even the position of the label.

Two lanes with identical inspection performances

ThermoSecure displays the inspection results on screen or off line, archiving all defect images. ThermoSecure tracks all packaging and archives any important production data and images to prevent rework operations on defective packaging, complaints, or product recalls due to package integrity problems.

Luceo Inspection Worldwide is a business unit within TIAMA group, the world leader in innovative packaging inspection solutions focused on computer vision technology. TIAMA is active in two major industry sectors: food and pharmaceutical industries (Luceo), and glass (MSC&SGCC).

TIAMA Group currently employs over 250 staff throughout the world, including Germany, Spain, the USA, and China. Luceo employs a staff of nearly 30 in their offices in the United States, France and Spain.

Luceo designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of systems to ensure the quality, traceability and safety of individual packs.

From processing to final packaging, our inspection solutions focus on consumer safety, regulatory commitments and perfect product presentation. Luceo designs, manufactures and installs systems providing 100% quality control of individual packs.


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