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MotionBlitz LTR1

Mikrotron has launched the MotionBlitz LTR1 (long time recording), offering a complete high-speed video system for extended recording times.

Featuring a light-sensitive, compact camera from the EoSens series, this system can produce video recordings at 506fps up to 165 minutes in duration at full 1,280 x 1,024 pixel resolution. Recordings can also be made at rates of up to 30,000fps with the integrated ROI function, which allows stepless adjustment of the image area's position, resolution, and recording speed.

The extremely high photosensitivity of 2,500 ASA for monochrome imaging and 2,000 ASA for RGB imaging means the camera can handle complex requirements while also minimising lighting expenses. Switchable non-linear dynamic range adjustment delivers dynamics of up to 90dB and ensures extremely detailed images even with large contrasts between dark and light. In addition, thanks to the integrated Full Camera Link interface with the highest data transfer rate available today (up to 680Mb/s), images from the camera can be saved on a PC's hard drive in real-time using a ring buffer. All images can be recorded in BMP, TIF, DNG, JPG, PNG, or AVI formats.

The windows-based MotionBlitz Director2 control software features a remarkably easy-to-use interface that includes an entire range of convenient functions. Among these is the intelligent ImageBlitz trigger system that accurately records the crucial time window before and after the trigger signal.

The LTR1 comes as a ready-to-use, complete system including a 19-inch rack PC, compact 1.3 Megapixel EoSens-series high-speed CMOS digital camera, Camera Link frame grabber, Camera Link cable, and control software.


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