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Mobile SDK version 3.1

Metaio has added 3D Object Tracking and Visual Search to its free mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development Kit (SDK), part of the Augmented City platform. Available for download on its website 14 March, and optimised by major chipset providers, version 3.1 of the Metaio Mobile SDK will assemble core technologies necessary for creating interactive and immersive AR experiences, such as the overlay of virtual information on building facades, city streets and almost any 3D real world object or device.

Major mobile chipset providers like ARM, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments are working with Metaio to jointly optimise the Metaio Mobile SDK for their chipset platforms. AR software running on major chipsets means stronger and faster experiences for the user and more reliable tools for developers.

The Metaio Augmented City platform consists of a diverse and powerful selection of software across mobile, web and offline experiences that use computer vision technology to insert 3D and digital information into the real world. The platform offered by Metaio delivers real-time tracking and recognition of entire 3D objects as well as a robust client-based Visual Search.


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