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iXM-MV cameras

Phase One Industrial, a world-leading provider of precision digital imaging solutions, announced today their first machine vision medium format camera systems. The new Phase One Industrial iXM-MV cameras, available in resolutions of 150- and 100-megapixels, in both RGB and Achromatic models, are suited to a range of machine vision applications -- from industrial inspection and process control to motion film digitization, medical imaging, science and research.

Leveraging technology innovations such as back-side illuminated large-area sensor, incredibly high dynamic range, state-of-the-art image processing software and high-quality lenses, Phase One Industrial is introducing ground-breaking imaging technology for the most demanding Machine Vision and Industrial Inspection applications. The Phase One Industrial iXM-MV150F camera system delivers a pixel matrix of 14204x 10652 (pixel size of 3.76 micrometers).

An M72mm standard lens mount is included for wide format lenses. All iXM-MV cameras are optionally supplied with wide format Linos Inspec.x lenses, known for their high quality at large magnifications. In-camera image corrections and lossless compression are enabled for high-speed transfer via SuperSpeed USB 3 & 10G Ethernet. Phase One’s renowned image processing engine (featuring sophisticated noise reduction and image sharpening) is optimized for iXM-MV cameras, enabling optimum detail, sharpness and color management.

“We are launching premium imaging products that will satisfy new opportunities in flat panel display production lines, motion film digitization machines, infrastructure inspection and medical imaging markets,” said Dov Kalinski, General Manager, Phase One Industrial. “The cameras’ combination of high resolution and high dynamic range (83 dB) at pixel depths of 12, 14 or 16 bits brings an unprecedented degree of sharpness and detail across the entire image area. They demonstrate our commitment to delivering unmatched performance for the most demanding machine vision industry requirements.”


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