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Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division has introduced two additions to its XCL-5000 family of high-resolution industry-standard Camera Link camera modules - the XCL-5005 and XCL-5005CR.

The XCL-5005CR adds 5-Megapixel colour image capture to the product family. Designed for machine vision applications, they now feature selectable Power on Camera Link (PoCL) capability. Units can be powered using PoCL or by a separate 12V DC supply. Using the PoCL function, the compact cameras can be installed in physically small spaces such as inside robotic arms and semiconductor pick-and-place machines.

The XCL-5000 series cameras provide high quality, 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution and deliver up to 15fps. Using 2/3-inch 12-bit CCD, progressive scan and interline transfer technology, they are suitable for production quality applications such as precision inspection, item recognition and detailed object measurement. The units could also be used with existing systems to further improve output resolution.

The cameras are compact, C mount designs measuring just 44 x 44 x 57.5mm. Operating temperate ranges from -5 to +45°C. They have been designed for use in industrial environments and have a shock resistance of 70G and a vibration tolerance of 10G. These new models also benefit from an improved signal-to-noise ratio and the ability to use longer cable lengths.


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