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Mini 24C1.2XU3 USB3.0 camera

Videology announces its new mini 24C1.2XU3 USB3.0 Camera. This camera complies with our standard size boards and is built around a 1/6" color industrial grade progressive scan CMOS sensor. It produces USB 3.0 output of 30fps at 720p resolution and 55fps in VGA.

Image control is via standard UVC commands accessible through the Videology 3.0 Custom Viewer or Windows compatible UVC viewers such as AMCAP. This camera can also be controlled dynamically via I2C controls.

Still Images can be captured at 1280 X 720 resolution or 640 X 480 based on video format settings. There are 9 predefined shutter speeds; 1/25 -> 1/10000 or Auto mode. The image can be displayed in Horizontal or Vertical mode as well as Flip. Near IR sensitivity to 920 nano-meters B/W is achievable.

The 24C1.2XU3 is a 22mm x 26mm double board camera with USB 3.0 Micro-B connectivity. The footprint is the same as our entire miniature camera lineup. It is available with an M-12 lens mount.


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