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21B45 mini-board cameras

Videology Imaging Solutions has introduced a 14 x 14mm CMOS VGA colour camera series for applications in environmentally demanding OEM markets. The CMOS ¼-inch VGA imagers are ruggedised, industrial-grade BGA packages.

Videology's 21B45 mini-board cameras are well-suited for pipe inspection, borescope, surveillance and industrial applications. The camera's 14 x 14mm size allows it to fit into small, covert housings like outlet covers or doorbells. The camera is equally suited for installation inside or outside a vehicle, inside an exposed exterior surveillance dome, or integrated into any equipment that must regularly tolerate high temperatures. The boards are specified for temperature ranges of -40°C to 70°C.

The camera provides excellent colour fidelity and its ability to withstand vibration makes it suitable for automotive and test equipment applications. It also has low power consumption (<150mA) making it attractive for battery operated applications.

The camera has a twisted pair balanced video output option making it a cost-effective solution using Cat 5 cable. The 21B45 comes standard, NTSC or PAL, with true two-field analogue composite video output. It is computer controllable via I2C for OEMs looking to fine-tune an image for a specific application.


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