Five megapixel monochrome USB 3.0 camera module

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Videology is excited to announce a new 5 MP monochrome USB 3.0 Camera Module. It is first in a series of cameras that will operate with our own image processing firmware. In specific cases, OEMs may access the code for utilization of their own IP within our framework, or we can create specific modifications for them.

In addition to the USB3 output, our model 24B5.0XUSB3 also provides a parallel BT.1120 (10 Bit) video output. It can be connected for external video processing or analytics. Both the USB and the Parallel video output can run simultaneously.

A Viewer (GUI) was designed for easy user access to many of the camera controls with OSD. Alternative control to all functions can be made via I2C.

A “Snapshot” hardware pin is provided in addition to a software snapshot for full resolution still image capture.

Our model 24B5.0XUSB3 utilizes a 1/2.5” image sensor, offers excellent low light near IR performance and frame rates up to 14FPS at full resolution (2592H x 1944V). Higher frame rates at reduced resolutions are achieved using binning.

In addition to the standard UVC command functions, we offer an SDK to support more advanced control through UVC extension commands. These include fixed shutter speeds, AGC set points, configurable BLC zones etc. These features are designed to enable the OEM customer to fine tune the camera performance to their own specific requirements.

The 24B5.0XUSB3 is UVC compliant and operates flawlessly within Windows® (7, 8 and 10) or Linux platforms.

The compact dual board camera design measures only 32 mm square, and can be supplied with a variety of lens mounts including M-12, CS or C mount. A variety of lens options are also available.

Color versions will be released in the upcoming months. Several housings are available.