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Mikrotron and Phrontier boost CoaXPress transmission distance

Addressing the demands of long-distance CoaXPress (CXP) imaging applications, Mikrotron and Phrontier have announced that their technology partnership has resulted in a fully compatible camera and extender package that increases CXP transmission distance over fiber up to 80 kilometers (50 miles), while maintaining low jitter, high resolution video streaming with a downlink of up to 4x 6.25Gbps and uplink at 20.83Mbps.

The companies are combining the Phrontier PHORTE CXP Fiber Extender with the Mikrotron EoSens CXP+ Series cameras into an integrated, fully compatible solution designed to help engineers in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), remote monitoring and other long-distance applications better manage their networks and accelerate data-driven decision-making. Video and control signals can be transmitted a distance of up to 80km over single mode fiber to provide full control of the data stream and EoSens CXP+ Series cameras, or up to 400m in multi-mode. Phrontier plans to resell EoSens CXP+ Series cameras with the PHORTE and adopt the combination as a platform, giving its customers an easy to install on-ramp to longdistance CXP capabilities.

"We see great potential for bringing the amazing speed, resolution and responsiveness of Mikrotron EoSens CXP+ cameras to the long-distance market using Phrontier products as a technological base," said Bob Grietens, Vice President Industrial Sales and Corporate Development at Lakesight Technologies, the parent company of Mikrotron. "This new combined solution will help our customers become more efficient and reduce costs, especially those designing systems for ITS."

The Mikrotron EoSens CXP+ series includes four camera models with 3; 4; 12 and 25 MP and frame rates ranging from 566 fps for the 3 MP version to 80 fps at 25 MP, allowing inspection of even the smallest details of components. Featuring a CXP-6 CoaXPress interface with four channels at 6.25 Gigabit/second each, the cameras transfer data in real time. This enables precise triggering and immediate evaluation and processing. Both the 12MP and 25MP models feature the PYTHON sensor from ON Semi, a new generation image sensor with a photosensitivity of up to 5.8 V/lux*s. Even in low-light conditions the cameras deliver high-contrast, sharp images. Designed as industrial cameras, all models have been tested against strong vibration and shock and can be optimally integrated into applications in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Phrontier PHORTE CoaXPress fiber extender product family fully supports the CoaXPress standard, as well as Power over CoaXPress (PoXP) to supply power to the camera and receive power from the frame grabber. The extender provides needed versatility by supporting all CXP-1, CXP-2, CXP-3, CXP-5 and CXP-6 rates with a truly plug-and-play nature with no configuration or programming required. Engineers or integrators can just drop in the fiber extender between their electrical setup and increase the link distance up to 80km with minimum efforts. PHORTE family features standard DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors that connect with individual coax cables or an integrated multi-link coax cable. In addition to the CXP signals, the PHORTE 4ch system offers optional RS232, RS422 and GPIO bi-directional auxiliary channels on the same system to help integrators to fully extend their instrument control capability in their machine vision systems. The PHORTE fiber extenders offer the widest operating temperature range and an IP40 rated locking power connector to cope with indoor and outdoor operating environment.


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