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EoSens 3CL

Mikrotron has released its compact 3 Megapixel CMOS high-speed camera EoSens 3CL. The full Camera Link camera with dimensions of 63 x 63 x 54mm provides many unique functions and features for high image quality. At maximum resolution of 1,696 [H] x 1,710 [V] pixels, the camera delivers a frame rate of 285fps. The integrated ROI (Region of Interest) function enables a variable configuration of the image field in position, resolution and speed. Thereby recording frequencies up to 150,000fps can be achieved.

The full Camera Link interface ensures an extremely high data rate with outstanding real-time capability. With a pixel size of 8 x 8μm and the high fill factor a light sensitivity of 1,200 ASA monochrome and 1,000 ASA RGB is achieved. Due to the switchable non-linear dynamic range adjustment, the camera reaches outstanding internal dynamics up to 90dB. Even with extreme dark-light contrasts it provides very precise image details. With the 'freeze frame' full-frame shutter (1us to 1s), dynamic distortion-free recording of very fast processes is achieved in the synchronous free-running or asynchronous triggered mode. Lenses with C-Mount or F-Mount adapter can be connected.


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