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EoSens high-speed CoaXPress camera

Mikrotron is rounding out its EoSens product line with the new EoSens 1.1 CXP one-megapixel camera featuring the latest CMOS sensor technology and the CoaXPress 1.1 interface. 

Boasting frame rates of 2,050 frames-per-second at full 1280 x 864-pixel resolution, the Mikrotron EoSens 1.1 CXP detects flaws in objects too small to be seen by the human eye. With its feature set, including gamma correction, noise reduction and GPIO, the new camera meets the quality and throughput requirements of today's high-speed inspection applications.

The camera’s CoaXPress interface combines power, precise triggering and ready-to-use image data onto the same coaxial cable, resulting in significant cost savings. The camera's 4 x CXP-6 ports transmit data from camera to host at 6.25 Gigabytes per second per cable or up to 25 Gigabytes per second for four cables. Data can be carried with virtually no latency up to 40 metres in length at high speeds or over 100 metres at lower speeds, opening up new avenues in system design in defence, surveillance or robotics applications that require continuous panning.

The camera has a sensitivity of 20v/lux at 550nm, permitting use in imaging tasks that demand detail in low, imperfect or changing lighting conditions.

Like all Mikrotron cameras, the EoSens 1.1 CXP is manufactured with components able to withstand extreme temperatures and environments. It is contained within a metal 80 x 80 x 53mm metal housing for additional reliability. Compact dimensions allow machine builders to fit the EoSens 1.1 CXP into the tightest spaces without needing to source an expensive custom solution or to modify an existing camera.


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