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Lw135R from Lumenera

Framos now supplies the updated Lw135R from Lumenera, featuring a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor.

These redesigned research-grade cameras accumulate very little dark current noise making them ideal for OEM applications that require long integration times including gel documentation, microplate readers, PCR, cell counting and machine vision.

Improved thermal management, combined with a much higher dynamic range and 14-bit output have resulted in a versatile entry-level research camera. The camera is ideal for light-starved applications due to its high sensitivity. The Lw135R also features a fully global electronic shutter and short image integration time, capturing high-speed motion images with no blur at 30fps. This camera manages exposure times of several minutes with results comparable to much higher priced cooled cameras.

The Lw135R utilises a high quality Sony HAD ICX205 CCD sensor providing great colour images in the visible light spectrum, and is also still sensitive in the NIR. Full streaming of uncompressed video along with still image captures are easily controlled through a set of stable, reliable USB device drivers.


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