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Open Hardware Concept

Framos now supplies the 'Open Hardware Concept' processing board from Pullach for the VF series of cameras.

While FPGAs have so far performed functions such as sensor parameterisation and interfacing, the expansion of the VF platform with the optional processing board now makes it possible for the user to carry out extensive image processing in near real time, directly on the camera.

The basis of the platform is a Xilinx Spartan 6 (LX45T) FPGA with 128MB DDR2 memory. Both are delivered in an unprogrammed condition, and can be used by the customer as required and programmed via JTAG or SDK (camera interface).

Unlimited development of the FPGA design can take place in the development environments made available by the FPGA manufacturer Xilinx. An optional adapter is available for designs that require the use of a development board from Xilinx. The standardised interface makes it possible to connect all board variants of the VFx platform with the development board from Xilinx.

The design principle is incredibly simple: A third board holding the freely programmable FGPA can be placed between the sensor as a frontend and the interface as a backend.

This concept enables customers to take a modular approach to developing their investment. Starting from one of the VF cameras, they can expand the capacities and features in stages by inserting processing boards. This also ensures that the same software can be used for all applications within a company for the ongoing avoidance of system errors and faults.

As part of its heavily expanded engineering services, Framos also offers comprehensive support for the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and FPGA development.

The 'Open Hardware Concept' will be available to you from the beginning of 2012 under the name VFx-P.


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