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Andor Technology is introducing the latest in its range of Luca EMCCD cameras. The LucaEM R is a cost effective yet powerful Megapixel EMCCD camera, particularly suitable for use in fluorescence microscopy across a range of signal levels. The camera’s EM gain can be turned on when photons become scarce, while for brighter conditions, ‘gain off’ operation can be selected. With a 1-Megapixel sensor and 8 x 8mm pixels, the LucaEM R offers high resolution over a large field of view.

This camera uses a monochrome Megapixel frame transfer EMCCD sensor, providing single photon detection sensitivity and unrestrained QE up to 65 per cent (with enhanced red response) at rapid frame rates, in a TE-cooled, compact, USB 2.0 camera platform. Andor’s RealGain EM gain control offers enhanced user-friendliness and quantitative reproducibility.


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