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iKon-M PV Inspector

Andor Technology, a provider of low light imaging, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems, has launched the iKon-M PV Inspector, a dedicated CCD camera designed to deliver speed and sensitivity for in-line electroluminescence and photoluminescence inspection of photovoltaic cells.

The camera's 1,024 x 1,024 back-illuminated deep depletion sensor array offers greater than 90 per cent Quantum Efficiency (QE) beyond 800nm and incorporates Fringe Suppression Technology to minimise fringing effects in the NIR. High throughput is achieved via readout speeds up to 5MHz, combined with a Dual Exposure Ring Mode that allows fast switching between two exposure times without any timing overheads.

The PV Inspector has thermoelectric cooling down to -70°C for minimisation of dark current. Andor's Ultravac hermitic vacuum process provides both sustained cooling and longevity through absolute protection of the exposed sensor surface. A lockable USB interface ensures a secure, vibration resistant connectivity. The camera, which cools automatically on power-up, also offers acquisition capability within the Halcon machine vision imaging software, from MVTec Software.


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