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iXon X3 range of EMCCD cameras

Andor Technology has launched the iXon X3 range of high-performance EMCCD cameras. The camera range offers an advanced feature set, the highlight of which is OptAcquire. This allows users to optimise an array of camera acquisition parameters to offer best performance under a wide range of application conditions. The OptAcquire function makes the iXon X3 range easy to use, while allowing complete flexibility for the user.

The iXon X3 range also offers Count Convert functionality, allowing real-time data acquisition in units of electrons or incident photons. Additional new features include spurious noise filters, a cropped sensor mode to significantly boost frame rates, improved photon counting capabilities and real-time data averaging. Reflecting the exceptional quality record of the iXon platform, the X3 now also carries a standard seven-year warranty on Andor's UltraVac vacuum head. 


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