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WiDy SenS GigE SWIR camera

NIT has launched a new SWIR camera, the WiDy SenS GigE for industrial applications with a proven standard interface.

The New WiDy SenS GigE is a VGA SWIR Camera integrating NIT flagship Sensor NSC1601, with Dual Mode.

It provides an image of 640 x 512 pixels with a very High Dynamic Range of 120dB for high flux scene and a high sensitivity mode with a readout noise of 50e-.

This WiDy SenS GigE features a Gigabit Ethernet output and a brand-new Hirose connector combining power supply and Triggering inputs/outputs options.

With a complete SDK compatible with Windows or Linux, the WiDy SenS GigE is a perfect SWIR option for easy integration into industrial equipment.

Applications: The WiDy SenS GigE has been designed to meet the requirements of new industrial applications with a proven standard interface. Major applications include Semiconductor inspection, Wafer inspection but also new emerging applications such as Monitoring of Additive manufacturing or even Sorting machines.


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