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VS20 VIS-SWIR 400-2,000nm camera

Emberion has recently launched its VIS-SWIR 400-2000 nm camera and will be showcasing the product "Emberion VS20" at Photonics West 2022 (Booth 5319). Apart from wide spectral range it also offers high dynamic range with target applications in machine vision, surveillance, optical sorting (e.g. plastic recycling & food sorting) and enables hyperspectral imaging. Also automotive sensing and medical imaging are relevant application areas. Our cameras are now available for evaluation and order and to be explored by the customers for their applications.

Beyond the current camera, Emberion offers a very dense roadmap where higher spectral resolution to 2500nm, mega-pixel densities and frame rates up to 400fps will be released over the near term. Already during 1st half of 2022 Emberion will start to offer high speed 400fps cameras for optical sorting and other markets needing the speed. Its the ROIC will allow to switch from its linear and non-linear mode instantly for taking advantage of its high dynamic range operation. Additionally, Emberion is also developing an ultra broadband solution that will cover VIS-SWIR-MWIR for simultaneous imaging in order to enable broadband surveillance and hyperspectral imaging.


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