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Moritex has introduced a range of four battery handle light sources for industrial endoscopes to suit different applications and budgets.

The range now includes a simple, low cost Maglite-style handle, halogen and xenon lamp handles as well as a high performance LED handle for the most demanding applications. An adapter is available for the LED handle enabling it to additionally be used as a torch.

Moritex also provides the LightScope industrial endoscopes. Easy to use and cost-effective, the LightScopes are suitable for remote viewing and limited access inspection applications including machinery repairs as well as aircraft, automotive and diesel engine inspections.

The endoscopes are available with rigid or flexible probes, and include integral battery-powered illumination. They are equipped with high quality optics to ensure distortion-free viewing with true colour reproduction. The focus range is adjustable from 10mm to infinity.

With c/mount compatibility all LightScopes may be interfaced to mobile video or digital recording systems. Rotational side view adapters are provided with the probes. The endoscopes are waterproof and constructed of stainless steel and inert industrial grade polymers to ensure long operational lifetime.


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