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Light Lab app

Carl Zeiss has launched Light Lab, an accompanying app for its Zen 2011 imaging software. The app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Light Lab supplements the Zen 2011 controlling and image processing software functions within the experimental lab workflow. It supports the configuration of fluorescence experiments in both confocal and light microscopy. The user can also access all product brochures, social media channels and microscopy activities of Carl Zeiss.

Light Lab consists of different modules: The Spectra Viewer simulates the parameters of a fluorescence microscopy experiment and tests the compatibility of dyes and selected microscope components. There are over 500 different dyes available to the user. Dyes, light sources and filters can be freely configured. The app then calculates the efficiency of imaging the chosen dye with the selected microscope system.

The result is shown both in a table and as a preview of the experiment with real photographed images of fluorescence specimens. The combined settings may then be exported to a pdf by the researcher. The integrated Microscope Manager saves the basic configurations of the microscope as the default setting.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users may download Light Lab free of charge from the Apple Online Store and install it on their respective device.


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